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The Power of Scent with INITIO Parfums Privés

The Power of Scent with INITIO Parfums Privés

Is this the preface of a beauty manifesto? Or simply the magnetic words of a mantra that goes straight to the core to say that fragrance is the most hard-hitting of all legal substances, with the power to kindle almost all the senses and overturn the laws of attraction in a matter of seconds.

Ignoring perfuming antics and the obsession to please at any cost, INITIO Parfums Privés returns to the instinctive foundations of fragrance, to its magical and sacred dimension in order to reinvent perfumery with a signature. Perfumery with irresistible charisma. Beautiful, tenacious perfumery filled with opulence. Perfumery that gets under your skin, overflowing with emotion.

Suddenly, once again, fragrance becomes what it should have remained all along. A delight for those in the know, a protective talisman capable of anything when it becomes one with the scent of the skin: “illuminating” the imagination, warding off misfortune, accentuating desire, and enveloping the woman or man in intangible safety, an aura of positive energy.

INITIO Parfums Privés wanted to create a completely new addiction, the pleasure of a fragrance that leaves an indelible mark on the mind and body. One that immerses you in pleasure that you want to experience over and over again. A fragrance that makes an addict of the person who wears it and the person who smells it. 

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